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Mediterranean Garden Plants by Lorraine Cavanagh       

Price €25.00 (Latest edition sold out. Hardback previous edition available)

Over 650 pages featuring 350 plants with half page colour photo of each.​

Mediterranean gardening expert and feature wrter, Lorraine Cavanagh,

has produced a book for plant enthusiasts, a unique and comprehensive

guide to the best plants for Mediterranean gardens.

  • A pocket-sized book but big on facts and information easy to tuck into the car and

  • carry around for use at the garden centre.

  •  A clear and simple design with plants listed in A - Z format by their Latin names.

  • Three indexes - Latin, Common English and Common Spanish Names to help you

  • identify and ask for your plant.

  • A wipe-clean cover for gardeners' mucky hands.

  • A cross reference system which categorises plants and is further divided into sun/shade

  • lovers with an indication of height and flower colour.

  • A double page description of each plant.

  • Half-page colour photo.

  • The Habit and Cultivation box gives all the necessary basic information.

  • Further Cultural and Historical Details are given on the opposite page.

  • And, below that, advice about Propagation, Pruning and Problems.

  • No confusing symbols - it's all set out there in plain language.



Lorraine says: I believe this book will inspire and help all new and

existing Mediterranean gardeners to select well, plant well and

restore their faith and their enjoyment in their gardens. And, above all,

to help them dream again.





Citrus, The Zest of Life by Lorraine Cavanagh      


              Get the zest – get citrus into your life!

The Moors first brought citrus to Spain and, as modern-day settlers, one of the first trees we want to plant in our gardens is an orange or a lemon. We love them for their beauty, their fruits and their fabulous perfume.

             Grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, mandarin, citron & the ‘quat’ family.

They’re all here.


Juicy Bits, Fruity Varieties and To the Pith – from seed to old age – how to select, grow, look after and harvest your fruits. Diseases, Insect Plagues, Fertilisation, Irrigation, Propagation, Pruning, Rootstocks, the History, Geography and the Future.



Taste them, smell them but – above all – grow them.



Come and find out how ……



Price €15

There are no Flies .... Only Foreigners!!

by Lorraine Cavanagh.



A meander through the history of Competa, the Axarquia and Andalusia. Tales of foreigners, traditional crafts, a deserted village, silk, snowmen and pirates .....

This book leads us gently through the history and culture of the area from the Phoenicians, through the Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths and Moors to the current day. But it's far from a dry history book; we learn about the lost crafts and trades - limewash, charcoal, weaving esparto grass, drying fish, sugar cane, silver and silk . There are wolves, goats, pigs, snails, parrots and monkeys; bandits, pirates and snowmen! The Spanish character is revealed through bullfighting, flamenco, fiestas, food and drink. You'll love the insights into those early days of pioneering foreigners - their hilarious tales as they tangled and twisted the language and culture. Packed with local colour it tells us how Competa came into existence and of its earthquakes and plagues.

Stories of the deserted village, El Acebuchal, give us a glimpse into a world gone by, days of mule trains to Granada province and of bandits in the mountains.

The captivating Moorish period is portrayed through palaces and princesses, and the dominance of the silk trade in this area. Discover the link between snails and silk, of the trade between Nerja and Damascus and the secret place where silkworm eggs were incubated!

This is a really fascinating book and very attractively put together with thought-provoking verses at the start of each chapter, beautiful colour photos in the centre section and delightful black and white sketches throughout.                      

Price €12.50

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