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Over 650 pages featuring 350 plants with half page colour photo of each.​

​Mediterranean gardening expert and feature writter, Lorraine Cavanagh, has produced a book for plant enthusiasts, a unique and comprehensive guide to the best plants for Mediterranean gardens.


A pocket-sized book but big on facts and information easy to tuck into the car and carry around for use at the garden centre.

​ ​​A clear and simple design with plants listed in A - Z format by their Latin names.

Three indexes - Latin, Common English and Common Spanish Names to help you identify and ask for your plant.

A wipe-clean cover for gardeners' mucky hands.

A cross reference system which categorises plants and is further divided into sun/shade lovers with an indication of height and flower colour.

A double page description of each plant.

Half-page colour photo.

The Habit and Cultivation box gives all the necessary basic information.

Further Cultural and Historical Details are given on the opposite page. And, below that, advice about Propagation, Pruning and Problems.

No confusing symbols - it's all set out there in plain language.



Lorraine says: I believe this book will inspire and help all new and existing Mediterranean gardeners to select well, plant well and restore their faith and their enjoyment in their gardens. And, above all, to help them dream again.

Mediterranean Garden Plants by Lorraine Cavanagh

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