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The Don Juan climbing rose was introduced in 1958 by an Italian rose breeder: Michele Malandrone. Don Juan rose is unusual among climbing roses, as it is one of the few climbing red roses that actually produces a fragrance. This makes it a prize among growers who prefer climbing roses because of their vigor and low maintenance and who also want a fragrant rose.

The Don Juan climbing rose is very popular for a number of other reasons. One is that it produces gorgeous,  crimson red blooms with petals that are ruffled and have a velvety touch to them. The Don Juan rose is called a large-flowered climber, and its blooms form at the ends of long stems which can be cut to bring indoors for a vase of cut roses. The Don Juan is also a repeat bloomer which means that if you deadhead the spent blooms, the plant will continue to bloom all summer long. And having a fragrance adds to its popularity.

Climber, Don Juan

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